KMSAuto Net Activator Download [2022]

KMSAuto is the predecessor of the well known KMSPico activator, which was released a few years ago. Just like KMSPico, KMSAuto is also capable of activating both Windows and Office products released up to 2006. If you’re looking for an activator to activate any Microsoft product released after Windows Vista or Office 2009, Then you need to use KMSPico instead. In this post, I’ve replaced the KMSAuto download link with KMSPico because it can activate even older versions as well.

How to Activate any Microsoft Product using KMSAuto?

  1. First, you need to disable your Antivirus software temporarily. Otherwise, KMSAuto won’t be able to connect to its activation servers.
  2. Download the installer from the below link. If it’s not working, please use the alternative links mentioned on the download page.[ZIP Password – 2022]

    Download KMSPico 11.2.1
  3. Extract the zipped file twice using the password given above.
  4. Run the installer and finish the installation process.
  5. KMSAuto will automatically detect the MS products already installed on your computer. Hit the RED button and done!

How KMSAuto Works?

Phase 1: KMS Server Emulation

All Office and Windows versions released after 2006 were based on Windows NT Kernal and the same activation process. Unlike previous versions of Windows, Microsoft now uses a built-in service named Key Management Service to activate its software over the internet. They connect to KMS servers each time you log in to your computer to check the validity of your existing activations. Therefore, it prevents users from using shared keys to activate their products because after restarting the computer, the activation will be detected and deactivated. This is why the team of KMSAuto developers tried to modify the default KMS servers with fake servers, which can be used to mimic the actual license authentication process. This is the beginning of unlimited possibilities to play with their licensing system.

Phase 2: Mimicking the Windows Genuine Advantage Test

Because of the steps taken in phrase 1, the alternative KMS Servers can return the same response that can be seen in a genuinely activated product, to the requests made from the client computer (your computer). Please have a look at the following diagram. It clearly shows the activation process of our alternative KMS Server. You can see that it actually bypasses the genuine activation servers to mimic the successful activation status. As this is a periodic process, KMSAuto needs to be installed on your system as long as you need to keep your PC from Windows Genuine Advantage detection.

how kmsauto net works


Phase 3: Preventing KMS Server Modification

As soon as you turned on the antivirus protection back on your Windows PC, their system file protection module tries to recover the modified KMS service files again to its original state. To avoid this from happening, KMSAuto adds its files to exclusions list of every known virus guard software, including Windows defender. Because of this, no program can access the KMS service and change its activation server.

Add to virus guard exclusions


Supported Operating Systems

Windows Office
 Windows Vista  Office 2007
 Windows 7  Office 2010
 Windows 8  Office 2013
 Windows 8.1  Office 2016
 Windows 10  Office 365
 Windows 10.1  Office 2019
 Windows 11  Office 2022

KMSAuto System Requirements

There are no any special requirements needed to install KMSAuto on your PC. Unlike other software, KMSAuto doesn’t need any Visual C++ Redistributable Packages or .Net frameworks to run. Since it’s compiled with a native compiler, it can run on any Windows environment that supports windows NT framework. That means it supports every operating system released after Windows Vista, including the latest Windows 10. If you’re using an older version of Windows, you have to take a look at the Windows Loader tool.

Turning off Antivirus Protection

Before downloading and installing KMSAuto on your computer, it’s essential to turn off your antivirus software first. Otherwise, you won’t even be able to download the file from our download zone. Most virus guards are detecting both KMSAuto app and our website URL, and our team is continually releasing updates to fix this issue. The tool itself identified as a Win32.HackTool and website is detected as “Potentially Unwanted Content.”

Here are the steps to temporarily disable the protection of most antivirus software.

  • Windows Defender: On the search bar, type “windows defender” and click on “Windows Defender Settings.” Now you can turn off both network firewall and real-time protection. Don’t worry! You can turn them back on as soon as you activate your windows with kmsauto net.
  • ESET: Right-click the Eset icon on the taskbar and choose “Pause Protection.” Select the time you need to turn off the protection, and you’ll be asked to confirm your change twice. After that, you can continue with the download.
  • Kaspersky: To install kmsauto net, go to Settings > Additional and turn off the “Self Defence” option. You’ll be asked to confirm your change, and you’re ready to go!
  • BitDefender: In the main window, select the “Protection” tab and click “View Features.” You need to turn off both self-defense and web firewall.
  • Avast: Double click the taskbar icon to open the main control center of the Avast. Go to the “Protection” tab and disable both File Shield and Behaviour Sheid. Now you’ll be able to install windows activator without any problems.

Features of KMSAuto

No system performance reduction

Most tools previously used to activate Windows were developed using .Net framework and other heavy programming environments. But KMSAuto was coded and compiled using a native windows platform that doesn’t use any third-party platforms. Because of this, it doesn’t slow down your computer by eating so much ram, CPU, and other system resources. The memory used by KMSAuto at the runtime is less than 2 megabytes, and you’ll not even notice its process on the Windows task manager!

Provides Lifetime Activation

After you activate your copy of Windows with KMSAuto, it will be permanent, just like a genuine copy, as long as you keep it installed on your computer. As it uses KMS Server Modification, which was described earlier, it’s nearly impossible to get detected by Microsoft licensing service. This means you can enjoy a fully activated Windows with all the premium features for the rest of your life! All you have to keep in mind is never to uninstall KMSAuto Net from your PC unless you need to remove the Windows activation.

Receive Windows Updates

Blocking KMS servers doesn’t mean that your PC is blocked from Windows updates. As Microsoft is serving Windows updates using a different windows service, it won’t be affected by using our tool. You can keep your computer up to date with regular windows updates. The most question about windows updates is whether it will cause to KMSAuto to stop functioning properly. The answer is NO. It’s not! KMSAutoNet was created to bypass all layers of security patches and updates released by Microsoft, and it can successfully isolate the activation information from the Windows update.

100% Free and Open-Source Utility

KMSAuto is 100% Open source utility developed by TeamDaz, and you’re free to use it and develop it. If you’re interested in the development of this fantastic software, leave a comment below for the source code. But for the users, we have to mention that we will not be responsible for any damage caused by using modified versions on KMSAuto available on the internet. Most of these modified versions will install a bunch of viruses and other harmful malware on your computer. Therefore, please make sure that you’re downloading it from the official developer website.

One-Click Activation

The most famous feature of KMSAuto is its ability to make a large process into one click of a button. You don’t have to find working windows keys everywhere on the internet. KMSAuto does it for you. Once you installed, all you have to do is click a button once and you’re ready to go. Simple like that!

Supports Offline Activation

A lot of people have asked us to enable offline mode for our activator. As a result of tremendous work done by our awesome team of developers at TeamDaz, the latest version comes with offline activation built-in. You can use a pen drive to transfer our installer to a computer with an internet connection and still can activate Windows. Whenever it connects to the internet for the first time, KMSAuto will connect to our activation servers to finish the activation.

KMSAuto Net Password

We have been using 123, 1234, and 12345 as passwords for the last few years. But due to the detection of virus guards, we have to change it frequently.  Until 2014, We used 123 and we changed it to 1234 with the 2015 release. After that, We changed it again due to the Windows defender block. The latest Password to our software is 2020 and if it’s not working for you, you can download the latest version from here.

kmsauto password evolution

Difference Between KMSPico and KMSAuto

Please refer the following chart for a comparison.

Feature KMSPico 11 KMSAuto
Host File Modification Yes No
 Activation Method DLL Injection Hostfile Redirect
 System Support Windows Vista + Windows 7+
 Office Activation Up to Office 365 Up to Office 209
 Offline Activation All versions Latest version only
 Open-source Yes Partially

How to Uninstall KMSAuto

To uninstall KMSAuto completely from your PC, please refer the following instructions.

  1. Search “Add or Remove Programs” in the Window search bar and open the utility.
  2. Click on KMSAuto and choose “Remove”.
  3. You’ll be asked to confirm your action because removing it will remove your permanent activation.
  4. Click “Yes, I Know” button and restart your computer.

uninstall kmsauto

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