KMSPico Password for the ZIP File

Are you looking for the password for the recently downloaded KMSPico setup file? Well, you’ve come to the right place. In this post, you’ll find the official passwords of all released versions of KMSPico. As many websites modify the official setup file to add unnecessary bloatware (spyware and adware), you need to be extra careful about the download source.

KMSPico ZIP Password

Note: If you’re unsure about the authenticity of the file you downloaded, you can download the official untouched version from below.

Download KMSPico 11.2.1

KMSPico.ZIP Password

Here is a chart of passwords used in KMSPico zip files for the last few years. As I already mentioned, these will not work for modified setup files.

Version Released Date Password
11.2.2 2023.01 2023
11.2.1 2021.06 2021
11.2.X 2020.08 2020
11.1.X 2018.03 2018
11.0.X 2017.03 2023
10.X.X 2016.08 2016
9.X.X 2015.01 2015

How to find your KMSPico version?

Before trying any of the above passwords, you need to find the version of your file. In most cases, the filename itself contains the kmspico version. If not, simply keep your mouse pointer above the file and it will show the version information. If none of these methods work, simply right-click on the kmspico setup and click on “Properties”. On the properties window, go to the version tab on top and you’ll see its version there.

KMSPico Version

Why it’s Password-Protected?

The primary reason for password-protecting the KMSPico file is due to its detection as malware by anti-virus software, as well as blocks on downloading by the Chrome browser. This posed a significant challenge to the distribution of KMSPico across the community. As a result, recent releases of the software are provided in password-protected zip files. Even if these files are shown as Winrar archives, they won’t require you to install any additional unzipping utilities to extract them.

Wrong Password?

If you’re unable to extract the zip file using the above-given passwords, it’s likely your file is modified by a third party. Using a modified version of KMSPico is highly dangerous as it may contain ransomware or any other harmful malware in it. Therefore, use the link above to download the official version of KMSPico to activate Windows without any security risk.

No ReadMe.txt File?

The original zip file contains 3 different files named “KMSPico 11.x.x.exe”, “Password-XXXX” and “ReadMe.txt”. If your zip file doesn’t contain all of these files, it’s not a file officially released from the developer. Again you need to avoid installing this kind of unknown software downloaded from the internet.

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